RCF The Kairos - Moment of Opportunity | Perspectives | A talk by Valerie Brown

The Kairos - Moment of Opportunity | Perspectives | A talk by Valerie Brown

Un article rédigé par Valerie BROWN - RCF Poitou Vienne,  -  Modifié le 18 avril 2021
Perspectives - Espace spirituel anglophone The Kairos - Moment of Opportunity | Perspectives | A talk by Valerie Brown
How many times during this pandemic have you heard the phrase, 'we are living through difficult times' ? Yes, it has become impossible to live our lives as we used to live them. Our whole mindset has had to change ; our expectations, our plans, our relationships, everything really.
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And how we cope with that
depends very much on the perspective we take. Frustration and boredom are prevalent. Domestic abuse
has risen. And TV doesn't help much. The dramas are mostly about murder, sex and violence. Only
Grayson Perry seems to be shining a light in our darkness.And those of us who form part of a community,
a family, or a church are deprived of the physical company of our brothers and sisters. We are on our
It's at moments like this that we have to change our perspective, turn things the other way up, ask
ourselves a few questions. So, what do I have to learn through this experience ? This is a chance for me to
do something. But what ? So we look within, something there's usually no time for, searching in our
hearts and souls for the treasure we may have been missing all these years. We look into our past, we
reassess our present and see not only the paths we have taken but the paths not taken, too. Nobody is
watching us. We can really take stock. What did we get wrong ? Who have I become ? We are beginning
to restore our contact with our hearts and souls. We see where we went wrong, did wrong, not only
individually but as a society, the harm we have done to the planet through our own selfishness, and the
perilous situation we are all in. And we feel our helplessness. How can we put things right ?
It's the moment of truth when we might turn to God in our hearts, admitting our faults, ready to change
and begging for his help. Our link with God is reforged and new growth begins in our souls. The world
could change. We could change. Humanity working together for the good of the planet, and for one
another. It's our chance to live again. But will we take that chance, or fall back on our frustration and
anger ?
Resurrection comes out of destruction. If we are to rebuild the temple, first it must be destroyed. Our
temples, our places of worship, retail outlets, car showrooms, night clubs etc etc have to go, leaving our
city centres empty and barren. It is in our hearts, the love we feel for the other and for the planet we live
in - not on but within - is the fertile soil for regrowth. And God ? God is already in us, He is in creation
itself and we have offended him, brought him suffering, through our selfish short sighted, materialistic,
egotistical approach to the great gift of life in this beautiful planet. In the silence, we hear the birds sing –
some have forgotten how, drowned out by noisy humans. We should stop and isten to them. They are
closer to God than we are. We need to learn respect for God, for creation, for one another. Now is the
time, now or never. This is our moment of opportunity. Will we obstinately refuse it ? Or will we be
honest enough to accept it ? Go down to the tomb with Jesus and rise up again. Only listen for the voice
of God and enter into his peace. God bless all our lockdowns, all our curfews ; and bring us back.

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